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Stand 07/2013

General Terms and Conditions of Business and Consumer Information in the context of purchase contracts, which are concluded via the webshop or domains referring to it betweeen Sänger GmbH - hereinafter referred to as the "supplier" - and the customer - hereinafter referred to as the "customer".

§ 1 Scope and general notes

(1) Subject to individual agreements and agreements which take precedence over these general terms and conditions, the following general terms and conditions shall apply to the business relationship between the sipplier and the customer in their version valid at the time of the order. Conflicting terms and conditions of business of the customer are expressly not applicable, unless the supplier expressly agrees to their validity in writing.

(2) The customer is a consumer insofar as the purpose of the ordered deliveries and services cannot be attricbuted to his commercial or independent professional activity. In contrast, entrepreneur is any natural or legal person or partnership with legal capacity who is acting in the exercise of his commercial or independent professional activity when the contract is conluded.


§ 2 Conclusion of contract 

(1) All offers in the webshop of the supplier represent only a non-binding invitation to the customer to submit a corresponding purchase offer to the supplier. As soon as the supplier has received the customer's order, the customer first receives a confirmation of receipt/order confirmation from the supplier, usually by e-mail (order confrimation). This does not constitute the acceptance of the order. Upon receipt of the order, the supplier will check this at short notice and inform the customer within 2 business days whether he accepts the order (confirmation/acceptance of order). No contract is concluded if the customer does not receive a confirmation order within 2 business days. The order process in the webshop of the supplier works as follows:

(2) The customer can select products from the assortment of the supplier and collect them by pressing the button "Add to Cart" in a so-called shopping basket. By clicking the button "order with costs" he gives a binding request for the pruchase of the goods in the shopping basket. Before sending the order, the customer can change and view the data at any time. However, the application can only be submitted and transmitted if the customer has accpted these terms and conditions by clicking on the corresponding button and thereby included in his request.

(3) The supplier then sends the customer an automatic acknowledgment of receipt by e-mail in which the order of the customer is re-listed and which the customer can print using the "Print" function. The automatic acknowledgment of receipt merely documents and that the customer's order has been received by the supplier and does not represent acceptance of the request. The contract is only concluded by the submission of the declaration of acceptance by the supplier, which is sent in a separate e-mail.


§ 3 Subject matter of the contract, state/nature/quality/properties, delivery, product availability

(1) The subject matter of the contract are the goods and services specified in the order by the customer and in the order and /or order acceptance confirmation at the end prices stated in the webshop. Errors and mistakes there are reserved, especially regarding the availability of goods.

(2) The quality of the goods ordered is based on the product descriptions in the webshop. Pictures on the website may show the products imprecisely/inaccurate. Especially colors may vary considerably for technical reasons. Pictures are only demonstration an may differ from the product. Technical data, weight, measurement and perfomance description are given as precisely as possible, but may have the usual deviations. The characteristics described here do not constitute defects of the products delivered by the supplier.

(3) If the product selected by the customer is temporarily is temporarily unavailable at the time of ordering, the supplier informs the customer in the order confirmation about this. If the product is permanently unavailable, the supplier refrains of accepting the order. A contract is not concluded in this case.

(4) If the product designated by the customer in the order is only temporarily unavailable, the supplier also immediately notifies the customer in the order confirmation about this. In the event of a delivery delay of more than two weeks, the customer has the right to withdraw from the contract. Furthermore, the supplier is also entitled to withdraw from the contract in this case. If so, he will refund any payments already made by the customer without delay.


§ 4 Reservation of Title

The delivered goods remain the property of the supplier until full payment has been received.


§ 5 Delivery, Prices, Shipping Costs

(1) The delivery (delivery to the shipping company) takes place immediately after receipt of payment (in the case of advance payment method), otherwise immediately upon dispatch of the order confirmation.

(2) All prices, which are stated on the website of the supplier, are including the applicable lega value added tax.

(3) The corresponding shipping costs are indicated to the customer in the order form and must be borne by the customer. From an order value of 40.00 EUR upwards the supplier delivers to the customer free of shipping costs within Germany.

(4) The goods are shipped by post or parcel service.